Being able to respond to internal and external threats is a constant issue that business face.  ERGSynergy uses its diverse team to review the current process and plans that your business has in finding, assessing, responding and recovering from all type of issues 

Being a competitive and relevant employer is more important now than ever. Keeping staff and managers up to date, trained and capable of enacting your plan takes planning.  

A well-trained and motivated workforce is essential for success, and that is where the ERGSynergy employs the train-the-trainer model.  Internal training programs work best when they done by well trained staff.  ERGSynergy can provide training and can assist in training your staff to continue training new staff members.  This assures the continuity that is required to have a sustainable emergency response plan.  

Make sure that you have the capacity to effectively train your staff.   Make ERGSynergy your partner to provider education and training techniques that assist your staff in becoming capable of teaching their colleagues via the train-the-trainer model.